Inma Gonzalez

Inma Gonzalez

Separation & Divorce Coach

As a separation and divorce coach, Inma helps wonderful people remember how wonderful they are and get excited about living their new life.

Through a bespoke programme tailored to your situation, Inma helps you regain confidence and empowers you with the tools you need to thrive.

Rediscover the wonderful you with Inma Gonzalez, divorce coach.

It’s natural for you to feel sad, anxious, lonely or even angry when a relationship comes to an end. The fact is you’re likely to feel all of these and much more as you go through the divorce journey and learn to heal.

As you work with Inma, you’ll learn to build your resilience and strength, gain wisdom about yourself and others around you and learn to embrace change as an opportunity for growth.

For you to benefit from separation or divorce coaching, you need to commit to not letting fears, doubts or limiting beliefs and insecurities hold you back. You must be ready to take positive action to craft new empowering beliefs and be open to entering the next stage of your life.

Inma’s approach of walking alongside you and building a unique programme tailored to your individual needs means a limited number of places on the recovery programme available. If you’re ready to make a commitment to yourself and embrace a new beginning, then book your free consultation session now.

Inma has specialist insights and expertise in the following:

Inma's story

Inma Gonzalez is a divorce coach and mother of three with a wealth of experience helping others through challenging situations. In 2015 Inma experienced her own marriage breakdown; the pain, guilt and difficulty of the situation were overwhelming, not in the least because she lived abroad and was married to a busy and successful finance professional.

She gained a new understanding of herself through her separation and learned the necessary skills and tools to thrive after a relationship breakdown.

Her understanding and professional and personal experience puts her in a unique position to help you find your path to happiness and regain the trust, self-confidence and belief to build the future you desire.

“I am here to tell you that life gets better. Not only can you live without your partner, but in time, you will see that it is even possible to thrive.”

Fearless Coaching Services

Inma is authentically friendly and a joy to be around; she is also straight-talking, honest and here to help you achieve your goal, even when it is hard. Inma pushes you towards your goal with every meeting by listening and providing fearless feedback.

Individual sessions

Individual coaching sessions are conversations to work on specific areas and create an Action Plan to help you overcome difficulties. E.g. co-parenting, emotions, communicating with your ex.


Each workshop focuses on a different theme related to breakups and romantic relationships in a relaxed group environment. Perfect for connecting with a community of peers.

Recovery Programme

The recovery programme is a complete tailor-made programme providing you with the tools to rediscover your wonderful self and gain control of your life. The sessions focus on crafting your new you.

Public speaking

Building stronger relationships and helping people through the healing process of a broken relationship drives Inma, and she can often be found at public speaking events discussing these topics.

I understand you might be excited or anxious to get the ball rolling in order to start a new more beautiful chapter in your life, and I promise you that I am going to be right there with you every step of the way.

To get in touch with me, book your FREE session or for anything else please send me a message via the very short form below and I will be in touch within 24 hours.

In our first FREE consultation session we will talk about your situation, your goals and what you are hoping to achieve, only then I will craft further sessions customised to your needs to be able to help you with best.

Finally, thank you Inma for every session, every word, every moment. My four words that accompany me day after day: Love, Laugh, Dream and Live.
Lorena P.G.
Me llamo Daniel, he pasado hace un mes por una separación motivada por una infidelidad de mi pareja. Le escribo con el único objetivo de agradecer y poner en valor la gran ayuda que estás prestando a miles de personas que se encuentran en una situación similar a la mía. Creo que puedo afirmar que en un mes me vuelvo a sentir al 100% y con ilusión gracias a tus podcast que he escuchado en repetidas ocasiones y sin dejar ninguno atrás. Por otro lado, también me hace sentir bien el poder ayudar a otras personas con solo recomendarte. No solo es el contenido que es insuperable, sino la forma de transmitirlo. MIL GRACIAS y enhorabuena por el trabajo tan importante que haces!