Inma Gonzalez


Inma Gonzalez

Inma is a divorce coach with a passion for helping people find their path to true happiness. She has combined her own life experiences, relationship breakdown and education to create a bespoke programme that helps her clients regain control of their lives and thrive.

As a separation and divorce specialist coach and member of The International Divorce Coach Center of Excellence, Inma has successfully built a business that focuses on supporting people when they feel most vulnerable.

Inma's Story

“I am here to tell you that life gets better. Not only can you live without your partner, but in time, you will see that it is even possible to thrive.”

Inma’s passion for divorce coaching stems from her own relationship breakdown in 2015. As a result, she experienced an overwhelming sense of guilt and pain – amplified by living abroad and being away from her core support system. She had also been married to a successful and busy finance professional. Safe to say, the transition was tough.

“Through the process of loving and losing, we have the capacity to learn tremendous life lessons.”

From Surviving to Thriving

Through co-parenting and self-exploration, Inma discovered her passion for coaching. Her newfound ability to make people feel at ease when sharing personal stories also empowered her to kickstart her coaching business.

At the mental health charity Mind, she supported people dealing with anxiety and inner conflicts. Seeing their progress gave her the motivation to start her divorce coaching practice.

Inma has helped countless individuals going through the process of separation and divorce. By using her own life experiences, Inma continues to transform lives and help each individual find their best possible self.

“Thriving can entail creating an entirely new and healthier life for yourself, including regaining trust, self-confidence and love.”

Facing challenges head-on

“You need three simple components: The wish for change, the motivation to do something about it and to contact me to start your recovery and learning process.”

As a mother of three living abroad in London, Inma knows first-hand how difficult it is to navigate a marriage breakdown when your support system is miles away. She has also faced the red tape that comes with separation and divorce – especially when living in a foreign country with a different culture and legal system.

A Better Chapter Awaits

Through their separation, Inma and her husband learned how to communicate better. She gained experience in breaking the news to her children. She also learned how to successfully co-parent while following her dreams of starting a new business.

Inma is proof that a marriage breakdown can simply be the beginning of a better life chapter. She equips her clients with the tools they need to restructure their life and succeed. She also wants to inspire her clients to hold the reins and become the best version of themselves.

“Coaching is about changing the world, Coaching you is about changing your world. I help my clients see the world differently. When you see the world differently, you create results that looked impossible a moment before. That is a miracle.”