Inma Gonzalez

Inma Gonzalez


Inma is a divorce coach with a passion for helping people find their path to true happiness. She has combined her own life experiences,
relationship breakdown and education to create a bespoke programme that helps her clients regain control of their lives and thrive.

As a separation and divorce specialist coach and member of The International Divorce Coach Center of Excellence, Inma has successfully
built a business that focuses on supporting people when they feel most vulnerable.

Therapy is about the past, and it is about healing wounds. By talking about the past, you learn how to deal with your emotions, thoughts, feelings and recurring behavioral patterns. On the other hand, coaching is more action-oriented, as it’s about the future. It is about creating a future that is different from the future a person would have reached by default if s/he had no coach. Together, we create an action plan that will help you navigate the divorce process and start a new chapter.

A divorce coach is a trained professional that helps you process the emotional, legal and logistical obstacles that come with the divorce process. Just as lawyers and financial advisers play a crucial role in any separation or divorce, a divorce coach is important, as s/he supports and guides his/her clients through the emotional rollercoaster of divorce.

Every time I coach you, we work together to change your world. I do this by pushing you towards your goal at every meeting, and by listening and giving fearless feedback.

I don’t have a standard coaching approach or template. My experience and education have led me to be fully adaptable and work according to the client’s individual needs. My mission is simple: your transformation is the only objective.

While it is up to the client’s decision, I rarely recommend anything less than six months. This enables the client to move from a break-up perspective to a break-through mindset.

Coaches can actually save you money. Thanks to my experience and training, I equip you with the skills you need to speak confidently to the other professionals in your team and focus strictly on business. As your thinking and emotional partner, I can help you organize your thoughts and emotions before such meetings. As a result, I can save you thousands of pounds or euros on legal fees. Coaching can therefore save time, money and energy.

This question always reminds me of the story of the woman who approached Picasso at a restaurant. After seeing him scribble on a napkin, she offered to purchase the drawing. “How much is it?” she asked. “That will be $10,000,” he replied. “But you did that in thirty seconds,” the astonished woman replied. “No,” Picasso declared. “It has taken me forty years to do that.”

I offer virtual and in-person sessions – depending on the client’s individual needs.

Divorce coaching doesn’t deal with legal aspects. You still need a divorce lawyer to explain the ins and outs of the legal system. Divorce coaching is more about rebuilding yourself and starting a new chapter after divorce. My job does not end when the divorce papers are signed, as I continue to help my clients transition to a fulfilling single life.

I can help you identify the questions you need to ask potential lawyers before you settle for a particular lawyer. In addition, I will be there to support you during the divorce process.