Inma Gonzalez

Inma Gonzalez


Just as lawyers and financial experts play important roles in the divorce process, having a divorce coach like Inma can change your perspective about divorce. Your divorce coach serves as emotional support, as well as a source of knowledge during this challenging time.

Inma’s coaching is tailor-made to each and every client. It takes many forms, as it depends on your specific situation and needs. One thing is for sure – whether you choose a one-on-one session or a workshop, Inma’s coaching is guaranteed to help you move on and get back on track.

Fearless Coaching Services

Individual sessions

Individual coaching sessions are conversations to work on specific areas and create an Action Plan to help you overcome difficulties. E.g. co-parenting, emotions, communicating with your ex.


Each workshop focuses on a different theme related to breakups and romantic relationships in a relaxed group environment. Perfect for connecting with a community of peers.

Recovery Programme

The recovery programme is a complete tailor-made programme providing you with the tools to rediscover your wonderful self and gain control of your life. The sessions focus on crafting your new you.

Public speaking

Building stronger relationships and helping people through the healing process of a broken relationship drives Inma, and she can often be found at public speaking events discussing these topics.

Recovery Programme

Inma understands that each divorce is unique and that each client is different. Her bespoke recovery programme equips you with the tools you need to develop confidence through self-care and gain trust again. You’ll also discover the right strategies and techniques to cope with the emotional rollercoaster of divorce and heartbreak. Together with Inma, you’ll create the structure, safety and space that you need to flourish.

During your recovery programme, you’ll learn all about:

Taking Care of You: During this initial stage, Inma makes sure that you are fully supported. You’ll also learn how to reach out to your support system and how to take back control of your emotions.

Understanding and Learning: Understanding will bring you peace, as you’ll finally be able to move on. During this stage, you’ll learn to navigate difficult situations and relationships. Inma will help you through this. You’ll also learn what your children need during this sensitive time.

Finding a New You: Together with Inma, you’ll envision what your new life will be like. You’ll feel hope and excitement again. By challenging yourself, you’ll be well on your way to creating the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

Individual Sessions

During your one-on-one sessions with Inma, you’ll tackle issues head-on. By creating an Action Plan, Inma can help you overcome personal difficulties, such as anxiety and grief, communicating with your ex, co-parenting, managing family expectations and finding a purpose post-divorce.


Connecting with a community of people going through a divorce is always helpful. Inma’s workshops focus on different themes relating to separation, breakups and romantic relationships. They take place in a relaxing group environment that helps you feel comfortable and open up.

Participating in Inma’s workshop will help you understand what you’re going through in a safe and supportive environment. It will also help you adjust to your new status and find a new purpose in life.

Public speaking

Inma is passionate about helping people through the healing process of broken relationships. After finding her voice and passion during her own divorce process, Inma is now a confident speaker and experienced divorce coach. She is often invited to speak about such topics at public speaking events.